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Free image hosting for creatives

No login required, just upload and go.

Create a portfolio in seconds:

Drag and drop images onto the browser and instantly your portfolio is ready to be seen. It's that easy, and it's free.

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Folio.ink is secure

A clean and simple solution for hosting digital portfolios and art work. Each folio has a unique ID that is impossible to guess. A folio can also have added security with password protection.

Digital drop-off portfolios for today's creatives

Folio.ink is intended to provide creatives a way to create a portfolio with condensed examples of their best work, that is specific to different opportunities.

A micro-portfolio platform that connects creatives and provides them a tool that can support their busy endeavors.


Publicly share your creations and find inspiration from others. Be inspired by new perspectives on today's events, culture and people around the world.


Free image hosting for creatives

Folio.ink was created to be a fast, efficient way to share a collection of images in a polished presentation. It was designed with this one job to do, and it is completely free.
folio.ink was created by Michael Connors, who was also the original creator of Morguefile.com, For any inquires, complaints or violations, please contact us at [email protected].
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Folio.ink featured

A curated selection of public folios. To submit a folio to be displayed on this page, toggle the public option on a folio you create. Note: portfolios must be approved before becoming available here.

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Free image hosting for creatives

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You can add more images anytime by dragging images to the browser. Click the edit button to delete or re-arrange images.

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What is folio.ink?

Folio.ink is image sharing for creatives, a micro portfolio platform. Folio.ink lets you very quickly and easily upload images to share with anyone else. It does not require an email or registration, folios can be made anonymously. Although we do monitor for anything illegal and will promptly remove any folios violating the terms or agreement.

What can I upload

Each folio can hold up to 50 media files, limited to 100MB each file (currently only 100MB can be uploaded at one time). You can make as many folios as you like. Supported file formats include: JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, SVG, HEIC, WEBP, PDF, and MP4/MOV.

Is folio.ink secure?

Each folio has a unique ID that is impossible to guess and hidden from search engine indexes. The folio is available to anyone who has access to that specific URL. You can also add added security by password protecting a folio.

How are the files stored on Folio.ink?

Images uploaded to folio.ink are stored in the original format on our server for download. Images within the folio slide show and interface are compressed for faster delivery. PDFs show a preview image of the first page. Clicking on any file will bring you to the original full resolution file or complete PDF.

Does folio.ink retain the copyright of files

No, any files uploaded to folio.ink remains your copyrighted material.

Should I keep a backup of my files?

Yes, you should always backup your files.

My folio has expired!

Folios can be set to expire after 90 days. If the expire option has been set, after 90 days the folio will be inaccessible by shared link. You can go back at any time with the edit link to disable the expire option. If you need further assistance, contact us and we can reactivate a folio.

How do I upload more files?

Click the upload icon on the sidebar, or at anytime, drag more images into the browser window onto your folio.

How do I delete files?

Click the pencil icon on the sidebar, then select images to delete, then click the trash can.

What does the public option do?

Toggling the public option on settings will allow search engines to crawl the folio and index it. Otherwise by default a folio is hidden from indexing. Also public folios can appear in the browse example folios section of the site, but they first must be approved

I lost my secret link!

Unfortunately there is no way to recover a secret link if you did not copy it down. Although the secret link is stored in the cookies on the browser you used to create the folio so you can return to that browser you used to get the link back and edit the folio. We recommend emailing the link to yourself or saving it in a file or spreadsheet. Remember if you share the secret link, anyone with that link can edit the folio.

Where can I get help?

If you need further assistance, please send an email to [email protected] and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue.